Vaddio launches TableMic microphone

TableMIC Duo

Vaddio has unveiled its TableMic microphone, featuring a capacitive touch control surface with the ability to enable and disable button functionality during configuration.

The TableMic features a solid metal base construction with an acoustical fabric wrap and padded feet to reduce table vibration noise, with each of the three unidirectional cardioid microphone elements in the microphone equipped with integrated echo cancellation and DSP, including equalisation, filtering and automatic gain control (AGC).

The DSP in a Vaddio companion product, such as the AV Bridge Matrix Pro or EasyUSB Mixer/Amp provides an AEC reference from the far end and applies it to individual mic elements.

The TableMic connects via a standard Cat-5 cable to EasyMic-compatible Vaddio equipment, with power, control and audio carried over one cable.

Cable lengths of up to 100ft (30M) are supported between the microphone and EasyMic ports, with the TableMic working with any Vaddio product designed with an EasyMic port.