Work Pro debuts Synthea amplifier range

Work Pro has announced the launch of its Synthea series of multi-purpose amplifiers, designed for AV installations.

Operating in low impedance (four-16 ohm) and high impedance (70V/100V), the Synthea range of amplifiers offers different channel and power output options, with fully integrated DSP controlled via TCP/IP, GPIOs and S/PDIF in/out to allow signals to be mixed to any output.

The amplifiers include built in WAP, enabling web-based adjustment of audio signal parameters such as equalisation and level, eliminating the need for specialised software for user-defined configuration of systems from any device.

The Synthea range of audio amplifiers offers a variety of configurations, with four unique models available.

The Synthea 2125 offers two channels with 125W of power each, designed for smaller sound systems.

The Synthea 2500 also features two channels, with a higher power output of 250W per channel.

Synthea 4125 features four channels of 125W each or two channels of 250W, designed for sound systems that require multiple speakers.

Lastly, the Synthea 4500 provides four channels of 500W each or two channels of 1000W, designed for large venues where a high volume and powerful sound is required.

All models feature balanced/unbalanced analogue inputs, s/PDIF input/output, LoZ and HiZ outputs with GPIO configuration options and a switch mode power supply.

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