Case Study: Ocean Park Marriott Hotel, Hong Kong

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Entrance hallway to main ballroom at Ocean Park Marriott Hotel, Hong Kong

Integrator Vega Technology and consultant Campbell Shillinglaw speak with Hurrairah bin Sohail about how they creatively worked with architecture and interior design to deliver AV systems at Ocean Park Marriott Hotel.

Real estate in Hong Kong has always been at a premium and hotels operating there have to make the most of the spaces they have. The Ocean Park Marriott Hotel, Hong Kong is an example that points the way on how to maximise the returns from your venue by investing in the right AV systems.

Vega Technology was appointed as the integrator while Campbell Shillinglaw was selected as the consultant for the Ocean Park Marriott Hotel project. The AV professionals’ task was to ensure that the AV systems across the three towers of the Ocean Park Marriott Hotel helped it perform its function. The crown jewel at the hotel, in terms of AV systems deployed, is the main ballroom which covers 1,200 square metres and was designed with a pillar-free layout.

A Leyard videowall comprising 4mm pixel pitch LED tiles and measuring 3,600m x 11,280m is the most eye-catching fixture of the space. The premium display serves as the focal point when the ballroom is being used at full capacity.

Alan Gui, senior designer at Campbell Shillinglaw, says: “It goes without saying that quality was the first deciding factor when selecting a suitable product for the videowall. We first narrowed the field down to products that we thought had great performance for indoor applications. From here we selected Leyard because it differentiated itself from the other options by having tiles that had exceptional flatness.

Leyard’s software also gave us control to adjust the frequency, frames per second, colour and other parameters according to our needs.” The Leyard tiles have been paired with Leyard cards and processors to complete the videowall system.

The size of the videowall was a challenge and Alex Tam, project manager for Vega Technology, details: “The ceiling height for the ballroom is 5m and the highest point is 7m. When we first began work on designing and installing the videowall, we quickly realised that it was exceeding the 7m height. In addition, the LED videowall was very heavy and we felt that the light-brick material support of the walls was not sufficiently sturdy to go for a wall mount. We solved both problems by going for a floor mount and created a special rack to house the LED videowall securely in place.”

Support from the manufacturer was crucial as Tam continues: “The suggestion for the floor mount actually came from Leyard. They came onsite to do a survey, to do the calculations for the floor mount of the LED videowall and then identified a solution that would be suitable. The whole videowall is a customised, bespoke solution that all parties worked on together to make possible.”

The ballroom at the Ocean Park Marriott Hotel is also designed to be multifunctional and this is achieved with the deployed AV systems. Tam says: “The grand ballroom can be divided or partitioned into four smaller ballrooms. The client wanted to have a flexible AV system that could be easily divided depending on different scenarios that the spaces might be used for. It was important that this requirement be met and we tried our best to meet it.”

A mixture of Panasonic and Eiki projectors have been used with Grandview projection screens. The brightness levels of the projectors have been chosen in accordance with the size of the individual compartments. The projectors have been hidden into the ceiling with Jomard motorised elevators so as to not clash with the interior décor of the ballroom when they are not in use.

Once again, the dimensions and configuration of the ballroom were a challenge that the integrator and consultant had to overcome. Tam says: “There were cases where the architecture posed a problem. In particular, there were hanging crystal lights which hung quite low. This meant that the projection poles had to be suitably low as well so as to not have the light fixtures disrupt the projection. At a late stage of the project, we also had to deal with a door being added to the ballroom and had to relook at the projector placement and design.”

Video signals are managed and routed by a Crestron DM-MD 16 x 16 matrix.

Audio in the grand ballroom is provided by Community C4 speakers powered by QSC CX204V amplifiers. A range of Shure microphones are provided for audio input and a Mackie mixer manages them. The audio signals are routed by a Symetrix Radius AEC 12 x 8 DSP and transmitted via Dante.

Gui says: “Dante is used because we needed flexibility to combine parts of the ballroom as partitions are placed or taken out. With this in mind, we chose the Symetrix DSP because it was most in-line with the open protocol we were looking for.”

On the integrator side, the choice of audio transmission was also beneficial. Tam says: “Dante allows many channels of audio to be transmitted and received over a single Ethernet cable. This helps to ease the job of cabling and also provides savings when it comes to the cost of installation.”

A Crestron AV3 processor is used to provide control over the AV systems in the ballroom. Gui details: “We chose the Crestron control processor because of the increased functionality when pairing it with the Crestron matrix.”

Apple iPads are used as touch panels. Gui says: “Marriott had a strict requirement to not have any CCTV system in the ballroom because the space will sometimes be used for private or confidential meetings. This meant that controlling the AV systems from the control room was not very feasible. We decided to remedy this by using the Apple iPads and also by providing wall mount controls in the ballroom itself.”

Lighting for the ballroom stage is provided by Pearl PR-8201 LED par lights as well as Pearl PR-2586 moving head spotlights. The lighting system is managed from an Avolites Pearl 2010 digital lighting console.

Rounding out the AV systems for the ballroom, the Ocean Park Marriott Hotel has also been furnished with a portable Televic Confidea conference unit and microphones.

Recapping the project, Tam says: “There were engineering challenges posed by the architecture and the interior design of the ballroom. We needed to be agile with our design and integration to handle these. Besides that, the biggest challenges we faced were coordinating with the other contractors working on the project to ensure that everything went smoothly.