Case Study: Professional Learning Institute Hobart, Australia

Hurrairah bin Sohail takes an in-depth look at the Professional Learning Institute facility to uncover how InDesign Technologies delivered a completely flexible, state of the art AV system.

The Professional Learning Institute (PLI) of the Department of Education for the state of Tasmania, Australia is located in the city of Hobart and aims to help working adults and students in the region. Shane Frost from the PLI, explains the purpose of the institute: “In a nutshell, we are here to support professional learning in a strategic way. We started off as an institute that focused only on school leadership and now as a whole agency we deliver programmes for corporations and schools with a focus on leadership and much more.”

In November 2014, PLI moved to a new location to continue its work. InDesign Technologies was brought on-board as the consultant for the AV component of the project. Contact Group was the integrator and Audio Visual Excellence provided programming and user- interface design expertise.

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