Inavate + Shure: University of Hong Kong

The University of Hong Kong turns to Shure microphones to improve outcomes in learning spaces for students.

in its efforts to create the best learning outcomes, the University of Hong Kong [HKU] undertook an extensive upgrade of the Chi Wah Learning Commons, a campus hub which provides instructional facilities encouraging students to engage in collaborative learning.

The disruption caused by the pandemic was one of the factors driving the upgrade. As the routines, engagement and campus-life of students changed, HKU felt that its spaces and facilities needed to evolve in tandem. In particular, there was a drive to ensure that the spaces at HKU would be able to address the growing needs of online and offline education.

To achieve this outcome a focus for the upgrade of the Chi Wah Learning Commons was the creation of spaces that would facilitate in-room discussion as well as one button automated studio supports for users with one-click for recording, as well as for videoconferencing and live streaming of virtual classes. In a classroom measuring 16m by 11m, four Shure ceiling array microphones have been deployed to create a Voice Lift system to upgrade the capabilities of the space to be in line with the outcomes desired by HKU. The system has been configured with eight pickup areas to accurately capture the lecturers’ and students’ voices. Speech is played back into the room at a natural level through zoned loudspeakers, ensuring everyone is heard evenly in all areas of the room.

Additionally, the Microflex Wireless system with handheld and lavalier microphones is available for users to reinforce their voices in conventional lectures and event purpose, also serving as a back-up system if needed.

With the Voice Lift system, lecturers and students have the freedom to walk around the classroom and the conversation can follow natural dynamics as participants do not have to focus on or handle any audio equipment. Hidden in the ceiling, the Shure ceiling microphone ensures everyone’s voice is picked up and heard whether they are speaking individually or engaging in broader interactions with participants in the space.

The Shure ceiling microphone picks up students’ voices everywhere in the room, encouraging them to actively engage and share their opinions. With individual coverage of group tables, students can also engage in room-wide interactions with other groups.

One button automated studios for lecture recording and streaming have been created. These feature a Shure ceiling microphone and IntelliMix P300 audio processor for audio capture and processing. The AV system is rounded out with a HD PTZ camera, studio light, projector, and display, all pre-configured and activated via a one-touch control panel.

The purpose of the One Button Studios is to allow educators to record instructional videos with just the press of a button. Users simply bring in a USB-Memory Stick for recording. The whole process has been automated with the help of a programmed control system and the Shure microphones perform the crucial function of allowing the educators to have their voice be recorded with absolute clarity and no effort on their part. The studio can also be used for videoconferencing and blended learning, as well as demonstrations and discussions, and the Shure ceiling microphone shines in these usage scenarios as well. The flexibility offered by the Shure microphones was crucial in enabling the multifunction purpose of the spaces at HKU.

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