Column speakers: Heard but not seen

Hurrairah bin Sohail discusses the niche column speakers occupy in the installation market with manufacturers who elaborate the advantages this particular sound reinforcement product can provide.

W hen it comes to column speakers, or vertical line sources as they are also known, the old adage of ‘being seen and not heard’ is ?ipped on its head. End-users increasingly want their speakers to be heard and not seen.

Luckily, column speakers excel at blending in. John McMahon from Meyer Sound says: “The principle bene?t [of column speakers] is that they architecturally integrate. With traditional loudspeakers, in order to cover an audience area, you need to tilt them out. A line array system is pretty much the same, whereas column arrays can be completely vertically integrated into the architecture and the steering happens electronically.”

But being unobtrusive is not the only advantage column speakers hold. Graham Hendry, vice president of solutions at Music Group, says: “[Column speakers have] minimal vertical coverage above and below the enclosure, wide horizontal coverage and coherent sound in the vocal range.

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