Congress: Improving standards

As the demands of delegates increase, Hurrairah bin Sohail examines what congress solution manufacturers can offer in terms of additional features to elevate proceedings.

The demand for congress solutions is growing in Asia Pacific. Kamal Mahtani, director of sales and marketing at beyerdynamic, says: “The room for growth [for congress] in Asia Pacific supersedes other continents. Asia Pacific will continue to see exponential growth for the next two to three decades. As more countries within Asia Pacific cross examine countries such as Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China and South Korea as their bench mark, the more they realise they are only steps away from achieving first world standards.”

Teng Shaokai, regional sales manager for Audio- Technica, says: “The congress market sector in Asia Pacific is definitely experiencing good growth. Many developing countries have been building up their infrastructure over the past three to four years. This has attracted many investors to expand their businesses in the region.”

Kenneth Tse, director for regional marketing at Shure Asia, comments: “The congress sector is growing at a tremendous pace, especially in countries like India. A lot of government projects are driving this growth and we’re seeing more and more Asian countries investing in their government infrastructure. In addition to the local growth in selected countries, there is continuing demand for congress solutions to support temporary international events like G20 Summit, ASEAN summits and similar meetings with international dialogue partners.”

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