Heading for the future

How will pro AV evolve over the next decade? Tim Kridel posed that question to vendors and integrators, whose predictions include a sales channel shakeup and opportunities in big data.

A decade ago this month, no one in pro AV – or anyone outside of Apple, for that matter – knew the iPad was coming. When it debuted four years later in 2010, AV vendors such as AMX and Stardraw were quick to develop apps because they recognised that the device would shake up the industry.

Joe Andrulis, AMX vice president of marketing noted its revolutionary potential: “I have no doubt that it will displace some of the market,” he told InAVate EMEA at the time. “It’s part of the nature of being in the high-tech business. If you’re not ready to accept that the world is going to shift under you and that you’re going to have to ? nd new ways to add value, you’re in the wrong business.”

The iPad’s come-out-of-nowhere effect on pro AV is just one example of why it’s so tough to predict how the industry will change over the next year, let alone ten. But that’s not the same as dismissing pondering the future as an exercise in futility. Just the opposite: It forces vendors and integrators to identify where and how they can add value.

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