AOTO seeks to empower esports

AOTO LED display at esports staging area at Bountie Arena, Singapore

Esports is a burgeoning market sector globally and in Asia Pacific. As the sector draw more and more interest from the AV industry, new standards and paardigms for performance are being established. We had an exclusive chat with Kalin Lee, vice president of the LED display business group at AOTO, about the manufacturers focus on esports.

An example of AOTO’s efforts in the esports sector is Bountie Arena, an esports and gaming lifestyle venue established in Singapore. Bountie Arena features a designated space for the staging of competitive esports events where AOTO LED displays provide visuals.

Kalin Lee, vice president of the LED display business group at AOTO, commented: “Singapore is a key market for us when it comes to APAC. We had a chance to work with our partner in Singapore, Concept Systems Technologies, for the Bountie Arena project. To deliver the display, we flew our team out to Singapore and together with the integrator we went through the design, installation and commissioning components of the project.”

Esports represents an amazing opportunity for AV to grow, especially when you consider that the audience experience has yet to be crystallised. Lee agrees and says: “Esports, is a really exciting new market for us and one that has huge potential. The customers in this sector need a better display experience, better pricing and technology that can enhance the audience experience. AOTO provides a complete turnkey solution for esports deployments and this has been a focus for us since ISE 2019 when we showcased our capabilities to do so.”

AOTO, with its products and solutions, is seeking to focus on providing the best possible experience for the audience. Lee explains how the manufacturer aims to achieve this: “There are multiple aspects of AOTO’s esports solution that focus on making the experience for the audience better. Firstly, we have hardware and we also complement it with our own software and control system. Having all these components allows us to integrate AR and 3D visuals with our turnkey solutions. Secondly, our displays provide 24-bit colour depth which allows our solutions to render gaming visuals in amazing detail and colour reproduction. And lastly, our display solutions have a refresh rate of 144Hz which is essential to provide the right synchronisation for gaming content.”

Regarding how AV’s involvement with the esports sector with progress, Lee says: “For me, the display manufacturer that can provide the best hardware along with a suite of software features will eventually come out on top. Esports definitely needs large sized displays which may not always be in the traditional aspect ratios and LEDs excel in this area. But the display also needs to provide features such as picture-in-picture which is a software feature. I believe AOTO has the best turnkey solution for esports on the market right now that addresses both the hardware and software needs.”