Unilumin LED installed in Beijing cinema after DCI certification success

Unilumin’s UC-A41 and UC-A21 LED screens have passed DCI (Digital Cinema Initiatives) certification and were recently installed in The China Film Cinema Bei'ao, Beijing.

The LED manufacturer claims one of the screens is the world’s largest DCI-certified 4K LED cinema screen.

DCI recently included an inspection standard for direct-view LED screens in its specifications. To help it meet the standards Unilumin turned to Macroblock’s LED display driver IC, MBI5850. Unilumin’s UC-A41 and UC-A21 LED screens subsequently passed the Compliance Test Plan Version 1.2.1 by DCI, providing DCI-P3 colour gamut, 40,000:1 contrast ratio with outstanding low grayscale performance and uniform image quality.

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