3 aspects to consider in your multi-cloud collaboration journey

If you are a CIO or IT manager, there is no doubt that you are working towards the shift to implementing a multi-cloud strategy. The promise of multi-cloud is exciting: it gives you the flexibility to select the right cloud for each workload and do it without excessive toil.

Even though multi-cloud has become a common talking point, questions remain around how you can implement a collaboration strategy in a multi-cloud environment.

I have put together common considerations that customers should take into account in their multi-cloud collaboration journey. A few tips include -

1. Invest in solutions that offer a fantastic user experience. Video and audio conferencing have now gone mainstream. Investing in these collaboration devices, which have features like embedded Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning (ML) included in them, provides an amazing end-user experience. At Poly, we are applying advancements in AI, machine learning, and new technologies to deliver the best camera angles, which consistently provide superior audio quality, no matter the calling platform used.

2. Choose solutions that are platform agnostic and provide investment protection. No matter which UC platform an organization chooses for its internal communications, many customers will find that users likely need to connect to several different platforms due to the needs of a client, partner, or prospect. As a result, one cloud platform for communication and collaboration purposes no longer suffice.

Customers should keep in mind to invest in solutions that support a multi-cloud environment and purchase an audio and visual technology provider that works equally well with any platform.

While making a purchasing decision, look for sophisticated collaboration equipment that is easy to use, works with any cloud platform, and gives best in class user experience.

3. Vendors that offer the complete portfolio of solutions where services play a big role – choose a vendor that provides a full range of portfolio of collaboration solutions (be it for a remote worker or a large conference room) that offers rich monitoring and insight capabilities so that they can keep a pulse on device status, meeting performance, and end-user experience.

And on these fronts, Poly has an advantage. Our video, audio devices, and headsets work natively with Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and other major cloud platforms and also provide IT managers insights into how the employees are using their collaboration devices.

Poly is in the best position to serve customers who implement multi-cloud strategy – whether their users are in the office or working remotely, or on Microsoft Teams or Zoom, Poly has the technology that works very well with any cloud platform. We provide customers the freedom to choose how they want to deploy their collaboration strategy. And whether it is a corporate office or home office, one room to hundreds, Poly provides the scale that fits the customer’s needs making it the perfect collaboration partner for a customers’ multi-cloud journey.

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