Bosch introduces Paviro system to Singapore

Bosch introduced its Paviro system to its partners at an event held in Singapore. The Paviro is a public address system that is intended for medium sized applications.

Daniel Quek, senior manager for regional market conference at Bosch, explained that the Paviro was designed after feedback from system integrators and Bosch’s partners. Bosch already provides the Praesidio system which is intended for high-end installations, Changi airport in Singapore serving as an example as well as the Plena Easy and the Plena VAS systems which are meant for smaller applications.

The Paviro sits in the middle of the two existing Bosch in terms of specification. It has four audio channels and can support two 500W amplifiers as well as being EN54 certified. The system is designed to be flexible and meet the various use case scenarios that integrators may encounter. Quek also pointed out that the Paviro’s lower power consumption can also be an advantage for integrators as it means smaller UPS batteries and smaller power backup systems are required.

Johannes Huth, director of product marketing at Bosch, commented that sales for the public address systems in Singapore had increased by 29% and the Paviro hopes to continue the trend of growth.

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