Christie laser projectors deliver visuals at Yinji Animal Kingdom’s Tree of Life and 4D theatre

Christie laser projection were deployed for two popular attractions in the new Yinji Animal Kingdom, China.

The 570,000 square metres theme park showcases more than 3,000 rare animals in various ecological environments that resemble their natural habitats. It combines cultural tourism with state-of-the-art visual technologies to offer a new and exciting experience to visitors, which include stunning projections on a 45m high “Tree of Life” sculpture, and a 350-seat 4D theatre. Both projects are accomplished by Christie’s partner Wincomn Technology using Christie Crimson series 3DLP laser projectors, and Christie D4K40-RGB pure laser projectors.

Tony Chen, general manager of Wincomn Technology, said: “As the projection systems integrator of two of the most popular attractions in Yinji Animal Kingdom, we have spared no effort to deliver bold, colorful visuals that elevate the visitor experience to new levels. Christie’s Crimson series and D4K40-RGB laser projectors, with their high performance, ruggedness and reliability, are well-suited for projections on the Tree of Life sculpture and in the 4D Theatre respectively.”

Widely perceived to be the centerpiece of the theme park, the Tree of Life sculpture features a massive trunk measuring 26m in diameter that is adorned with intricate animal carvings by talented artists. The towering structure serves as a musical fountain during the day and transforms into the canvas of a projection mapping show titled “The Animal Kingdom” when night falls.

A total of eight Christie Crimson series projectors are strategically stacked and blended to complement the projected contents on the tree’s uneven surface.

Over at Yinji Animal Kingdom’s 4D Theatre, Wincomn deployed four Christie D4K40-RGB projectors to light up a curved screen measuring 30m in length and 8m in height for the playback of the computer-animated film, Rio. According to Chen, the end user required bright and color-accurate projections to accompany motion and atmospheric effects to provide a highly immersive and realistic 4D experience to audiences.

He noted: “Four units of D4K40-RGB are needed to achieve the ideal level of brightness, color and contrast on such a large screen. This 45,000 lumens pure laser projector features an exceptionally wide color gamut that covers more than 95% of the Rec.2020 color spectrum, and when combined with TruLife electronics, 4K resolution and 120fps playback, produces an astounding depth of detail.”

Chen added that the use of Christie’s laser projection systems has been warmly welcomed by the end user.

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