Crestron engages with Nanyang Polytechnic students, highlights career paths in AV

As part of its outreach and talent development efforts, Crestron is engaging with eight students from Nanyang Polytechnic [NYP] providing the students an opportunity to experience the AV industry and receive relevant training.

As part of this engagement, Crestron held an event at its Singapore office. The purpose of the event was to highlight the career paths available to the students, and to the wider talent pool in general, in the AV industry. In tandem with this, the event also underlined the efforts being made by the AV industry to promote inclusivity and diversity.

Eric Low from Crestron presented the fact that while retrenchment and layoffs are occurring in the technology sector, demand talent and hiring remains robust in the AV industry. His presentation expanded on the technical and non-technical roles that are available.

Chua Zhi Dong, VP of engineering & design at ESCO, who is an NYP graduate himself, shared his journey from IT to AV. In particular, he highlighted how interacting with VC equipment during his IT support role at Yahoo sparked his curiosity in AV and led him to enter the industry.

Jully Wei from Enovec, another graduate from NYP, talked about how the S:537 Lab at Nanyang Polytechnic was the starting point for his AV journey and shared how his career has progressed.

Last, Maureen Aw from PTS Consulting talked about how a high achievement career where you make a significant impact on your surroundings in possible in AV. Her advice for students was to follow their passion and to strive to be a part of something bigger than themselves.

Maureen Aw is also the co-chair for the AVIXA Women’s Council in Singapore. Seeing as the event was held a day before International Women’s Day, she also highlighted the efforts that are being made to improve diversity and equality in the AV industry.

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