Crestron organises technology day, celebrating customers and partners in India

Crestron celebrated its Technology Day from 29th to 30th June, 2022 in Bangalore. The event celebrated Crestron’s customers and partners in varied forms.

At the event, Crestron displayed its technology solutions to its customers and partners while giving them an opportunity to interact with industry peers and learn from Crestron’s solutions experts about how to transform their traditional workplace into digital ones.

The event showcased Crestron’s AV/UC Solutions:

• Crestron Flex supporting Microsoft Teams Rooms and Zoom Rooms
• AirMedia - wireless presentation and conferencing systems
• Crestron Flex Scheduler - platform designed to maximise workflow and increase productivity
• VC4 & XIO Cloud - Technology operations management platform

The event concluded with rewarding and recognising the key partners of Crestron.

Speaking at the event, Gagan Verma, executive director, Crestron India, said: "Pandemic has changed the world forever. Be it our employees, customers, or partners. The way of working has changed for all of us. Hence, it is important to come together, take a break, bond with each, reflect back on our successes and shortcomings and navigate the future path accordingly. I believe Crestron Technology Day is a great step in helping us achieve our vision in a much better way."

Joel Mulpeter, director product marketing, Crestron Asia, said: “This is happening after a very long time, due to the halt brought in by the pandemic. We were thrilled to meet our customers and partners both and see what this event translated into, leading to joy and success amongst all. After all, a personal touch is a personal touch. Incredible!”

Jacques Bertrand, executive vice president, Crestron Asia, commented: “We are elated to see our valued customers and partners. Crestron wants to focus on building a strong clientele through new innovations through our unmatched technology. It’s a platform where partners will have an opportunity to understand Crestron and its technology better and to align themselves to grow further.”

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