Digital projection laser selected for Macquarie University VR lab

Australia’s Macquarie University upgraded its VR lab with Digital Projection HIGHlite Laser, sourced through Amber Technology.

The upgrade objective was to provide a high-performance 3D-capable projection solution to allow participants in the VR Lab to fully immerse themselves in the virtual research environment. The VRSpace team, in charge of the upgrade, wanted a 240-degree viewing angle for a fully immersive experience. Four projectors in total were required to provide the four-channel warp and blend, active stereo 3D and 240-degree cylindrical panoramic projection.

John Porte, technical support specialist at Macquarie University, stated: “Moving from the aging system to the laser projection system has been a huge technological upgrade. It is important to us in the university to use current technology to drive our research forward, and provide relevant expertise to our students. The new VR System is designed to be multipurpose and adaptable. There are many projects now utilising the space that were not conceived at the time of the build.”

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