Harman delivers sound to Urban Foundry Eatery, India

Munro Acoustics recently outfitted The Urban Foundry’s location in Pune’s Kalyani Nagar neighborhood with an end-to-end Harman audio system comprising JBL, Crown and Soundcraft.

The Urban Foundry is a bar and eatery with an industrial aesthetic that incorporates brick, metal and glass materials. The Foundry’s new location features a performance area for live music. The highly reflective surfaces in the restaurant made it difficult to control the sound.

In order to solve this challenge, management hired acoustic consultancy firm Munro Acoustics to design and install an end-to-end audio system.

The Munro Acoustics team selected two full-range JBL AM7215 15-in 2-way loudspeakers for the main array, supplemented by six JBL AC16 ultra-compact 6-in speakers as side-fills. JBL ASB6118 subwoofers with 18-in Super Vented Gap (SVG) drivers provide high output and extended bandwidth for a full low-end response. To power the system, Munro deployed Crown CDi DriveCore 4|300 power amplifiers. For a mixing and monitoring solution, Munro paired the compact Soundcraft EPM 6 mixer with JBL EON610 monitors.

Kishore Shetty, general manager of operations for The Urban Foundry, said: “We wanted our new location in Pune to be different from the others, so we added a performance space for live music. This presented a challenge, as we had to ensure quality sound for performances while retaining our signature industrial design.”

Kapil Thirwani, partner at Munro Acoustics, said: “The floor-to-ceiling metal posed a major challenge to the acoustics of the space. Our client emphasised the importance of live music at The Foundry, requesting that we make the space as performance-friendly as possible. The hard surfaces throughout the space produced ringing reflections, so we had to position the speakers precisely to cover the audience with minimum interference from the room.”

Prashant Govindan, senior director, Harman Professional Solutions India and SAARC, said: “I want to congratulate the team at Munro Acoustics for using their expertise to overcome this challenge and create a high-quality, balanced sound system for The Urban Foundry. I also want to thank Munro for trusting JBL’s AE Series loudspeakers to deliver great results in this installation.”

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