Harman Professional meets with APAC distributors

Harman distributors from across APA gathered in Singapore to meet with Harman Professional’s president Brian Divine, senior vice president for global sales, Jaime Albors and senior vice president for global product development, Andy Flint.

The Harman Professional leaders led an in-person ‘Partner Townhall’ to share updates on progress made, supply-chain and the company’s new product roadmap, as well as to collect feedback from Harman’s partner network on trends in their markets.

Harman has been actively refreshing its product portfolio across brands with AMX committing to a significant refresh as it celebrates its 40th anniversary and JBL also sporting a range of new products that have been launched form 2022 onwards.

Brian Divine shared: “At Harman we believe in taking that extra effort to gather feedback directly from our customers so that we can better understand their future needs, regional industry trends and get feedback on our recently launched products. Harman is committed to investing in innovation and our R&D (research and development) never stops. These first-hand inputs provide valuable insights that will shape our strategy and roadmap”.

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