Hitech AVI enters the Indian AV market

With more than 15 years of experience in the AV market, Manik Gupta has embarked on his next venture in the shape of the newly minted system integrator Hitech AVI.

Manik talks about the drive behind Hitech AVI: “We want to create a company which not only raises the level of quality of work being done in India but also creates a platform for our clients and partners to learn better by creating structured trainings, for them to utilise technology better. We also want to expand into related fields like lighting, acoustics and few more and look at projects as a turnkey solution rather than just limiting ourselves to audio and video solutions, which we have been sticking to for years.”

The system integration field in India is competitive and Manik explains the difference Hitech AVI aims to bring to the table: “We strongly believe in values like customer first, hard work, commitment and integrity and consistent learning of new technology and related fields. Our core strength is our technical expertise in the subject as our team has a huge experience of designing and executing AV solutions for almost all kinds of applications from small indoor venues to large stadiums, theme parks etc.”

He continues: “Also, our financial strength, as we maintain enough solvency to keep stocks of equipment needed in advance for projects to execute in time and cater to our channel partners better. We also are premium partners with many international brands who we have been working with for more than a decade and they trust us. This association and trust also support us to be competitive both commercials and technically in prestigious and substantial value projects.”

Manik believes there are opportunities for growth for Hitech AVI to target: “Our presence in the past had primarily been concentrated around the government segment and in North India. With Hitech AVI, we have setup offices in all major metro cities with teams pan-India and looking at cater to clients in all regions. The private sector is expanding especially educational institutes and universities are investing in technology like never before and we are focusing much on this vertical. We are also going to be focussing more on enterprise and corporate market where we had limited presence. Clients are looking at turnkey solution providers and we are working in the same direction to expand into related fields to give us bigger and better opportunities for faster growth. We are investing into resources and learning new skills to keep our back end strong to handle the growth we are aspiring to.”

What is the long-term vision for Hitech AVI? Manik says: “Geographically, we aspire to become a global company and expand our operations to other countries in SAARC, Middle East and European regions in next five years. We also wish to expand vertically in our offerings from just audio and video to lighting, LMS, acoustics and IT. We also aspire to create an educational platform and become a one stop shop for beginners, young professionals, clients, consultants to learn from experts around the world at affordable prices.”

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