Prysm Systems offers future-proof digital collaborative work place solution

Prysm Systems Inc, a visual communication pioneer, invented Laser Phosphor Display technology in 2005 and introduced the world to content-centric hybrid experience in 2013. Prysm Systems is a Silicon Valley-headquartered company delivering total display solutions that create highly immersive & engaging customer experiences to some of the world’s leading organisations for over 10 years.

Our proprietary Laser Phosphor Display (LPD) Technology has been custom engineered to be the most brand-worthy large-scale display on the market. It is the world’s largest single-panel interactive display and comes equipped with a purpose-built software designed to up-level high value presentations and critical collaboration sessions.

Whether your high-value engagements take place in a board room, an executive briefing center, a war room or a conference room, Prysm Systems Inc., provides the most memorable and meaningful experience for your audience. The breath-taking digital canvas allows your audience to visualise and interact with live data, images, videos, browsers and whiteboards whether they are in the room or remote. Prysm Systems Solutions expands your in-room experience with a Flexible Video Conferencing system for Teams, Zoom and WebEx etc.

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