Riedel transforms HQ for 30th birthday party

Riedel Communications celebrated its 30th birthday with 2,000 partners and friends at its Wuppertal, Germany headquarters on December 1, 2017.

Speaking to press before the party kicked off, Thomas Riedel, founder of the company, said he couldn’t have expected the business, that now employs 500 people worldwide, to be where it was today when he founded it in 1987. He put his success down to a “fantastic team”, saying: “this is not a one man show”. 
Thomas Riedel on stage with Red Bull and Riedel
Looking forward Riedel noted that broadcast and entertainment industries were going through huge changes with new technologies, companies and approaches entering the field. He felt Riedel Communications spanned traditional and new approaches and was positioned well for continuing success.
Entrance to Riedel 30 years party
Although enjoying his achievements so far, Riedel certainly isn’t content to sit back saying that his vision for the next five years would see the company double in size. He noted the changing landscape of, not just technology, but business models and purchasing approaches, adding that positioning the company to take advantage of trends, such as a shift from capex to opex, was crucial for continuing success.

“In the future we won’t differentiate between manufacturing and service so much,” he added.

Riedel also spoke about the importance of encouraging new talent and said he wasQueing to get golf carts at Riedel 30 years party working with the Dassler family (of Adidas and Puma fame) with a foundation to encourage new start up companies with investment and advice. 

That evening the sprawling Riedel headquarters – home to huge rental warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and a testing area that sees every Riedel product come through its doors – was transformed for a party. 

Guests were transported through the facility on a fleet of golf carts before a welcome from Riedel. Warehouses were transformed into dancefloors, bars and entertainment spaces for the 2,000 gathered guests.

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