Sennheiser caters for UBS’ sounds needs in Hong Kong

Sennheiser is UBS’ official sound partner. In Hong Kong, Sennheiser provided audio systems for UBS Planet Art talks at UBS’ VIP lounge and Art Basel guided tours for UBS VIP guest.

The Planet Art Talks classroom was an open space setting up with a “Sound by Sennheiser” podium that enabled speakers, moderators and guests to interact while wearing the headphones. Sennheiser provided 5 sets of HSP 4 with SK 2000 body pack for the speakers and moderators plus 40 sets of Momentum Ivory headphones with EK 2000 IEM body pack for the VIP guests.

Speakers and moderators talked through the condenser cardioid neckband microphone HSP 4 while the audience listened through Sennheiser Momentum headphones. UBS also arranged 17 guided tours at Art Basel focusing on four different topics which included “Chinese Contemporary, including Emerging Chinese and Hong Kong Artists”, “New to buying Art - Asia Focus”, “Western Modern and Contemporary Art” and “Blue Chip Highlights”.

Sennheiser provided the professional guided tour system with over 40 pieces of Tourguide receiver-HDE 2020-D for VIP guests and three pieces of digital handheld microphones SKM 2020-D for speakers to introduce the art pieces at Art Basel.

More than 65,000 people attended the Art Basel Fair and over 2,000 VIP guests visited the UBS VIP lounge.

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