Singapore's Lighthouse Evangelism selects Riedel systems

Riedel Communications announced that Lighthouse Evangelism, one of Singapore's largest houses of worship, is using Riedel's Artist and Bolero intercom systems along with the company's MediorNet media distribution network to provide a complete signal distribution and routing solution for two of its worship facilities, Lighthouse Woodlands and Lighthouse Tampines.

Installed as part of a technical refurbishment of the two Lighthouse worship facilities, the Riedel systems replaced a legacy solution prone to destructive compression, noise, distortion, and other issues that compromised both signal quality and reliability.

Kevin Yap, technical manager at Lighthouse, commented: “We first approached the Riedel team to understand how their Artist and Bolero intercoms could be useful at our sites. During our discussions, it became apparent that an integrated solution using Riedel's intercom systems — SmartPanels, and MediorNet MicroN and Compact — was going to be the most comprehensive workflow. MediorNet has given us an amazing amount of flexibility, and our users have had a great experience working with Bolero. We are thankful for the system consulting and support that Riedel provided, and I am pleased to have made the right decision in engaging Riedel."

The MediorNet routing system, which covers several floors of each worship site, leverages fibre as a cost-effective, high-density signal-transport solution. For ease of identification, all input and output connection points are user-definable in the MediorNet control software.

Although the Lighthouse Woodlands and Lighthouse Tampines facilities are configured differently, technical teams from Lighthouse and Riedel jointly designed a custom solution that can be controlled using a single control system. Because the same control system manages Riedel gear at both sites, crew can transfer between Lighthouse facilities and easily configure the systems.

Rajveer Singh, general manager for Southeast Asia, at Riedel, said: “Lighthouse Evangelism is one of Singapore's best-known houses of worship. Our system consulting team worked hand in hand with the technical team at Lighthouse to construct a comprehensive and efficient workflow built on our Artist, Bolero, and MediorNet family. It is a matter of pride that Lighthouse reposed its faith in Riedel and that our integrated solutions are helping Lighthouse achieve optimal levels of efficiency."

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