Sony and Alder Hey Children’s Hospital partner to improve healthcare

Sony Healthcare Solutions and Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust have embarked on a formal partnership to research and develop innovative medical care solutions. Both Sony and Alder Hey believe that using advanced digital technologies in hospitals can significantly improve patient care and experience.

As part of the collaboration Sony provides access to the latest innovations from its healthcare solutions portfolio, whilst Alder Hey provides valuable insight and feedback from paediatric medicine professionals and patients.

Sony has established a full time staff presence at Alder Hey, working alongside the hospital’s dedicated innovation team, using technology to solve real life clinical challenges and evaluating the positive impact on patient care. The findings will be published for reference as well. The partnership was established after Sony supplied equipment for the operating theatres at Alder Hey’s brand new state-of-the art hospital, including the latest procedural and educational technologies. This included conferencing capabilities inside the operating theatres as well as the ability to record surgeries for future training purposes.

Iain Hennessey, consultant paediatric surgeon and clinical lead for innovation at Alder Hey, commented: “At Alder Hey we are open to exploring new ideas and technologies to improve the care of our patients. We have created an innovative hospital and it is fitting that within that we have made space for a research and innovation hub where our scientists and clinicians can freely collaborate with external experts and companies to incubate new ideas, develop and test them and then share the results. Our ongoing work with Sony is really stimulating for everyone involved, and our co-location within a busy hospital means that we can constantly gain input from our key customers; the children and young people.”

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