Sony projects art at National Gallery of Victoria

The National Gallery of Victoria in Australia employed the Sony VPL-FH31, installed in portrait mode on its fan side, to help realise and exhibit the works of artist Wang Gongxin. The projector was chosen due to the installation flexibility it offered in terms of orientation.

The two works projects with the Sony VPL-FH31 were Relating – it’s about Ya” and “Basic Colour”. The latter used five projectors projecting five images in a vertical orientation onto a continuous wall.

Gongxin said regarding the projectors and his work: “As a video artist, details are the bedrock of my work and for years we could not find a suitable digital or optical display that could showcase my works in the level of detail and clarity that I wanted. Not only has the Sony VPL-FH31 projectors been able to realize the full potential of my video art in high-resolution quality with rich colour representation, but it has more importantly given me much needed flexibility to display my artwork in portrait mode.”

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