TechDataPS establishes showroom

TechDataPS, a leading provider of professional audio solutions in South Korea, has created a dedicated showroom to highlight its offerings to the market.

Opened on November 25, 2020, the Showroom offers an immersive tour of Harman’s audio, video and control brands such as AKG, JBL and AMX. With more than 200 products on display, including loudspeakers, microphones, audio mixers and more, the centre houses one of the largest collections of audio technology products in South Korea.

The Showroom is divided into several zones, each highlighting a different range of solutions. TechDataPS equipped the Performing Zone with JBL Intellivox series, VTX A series, VTX F series, VTX M series, VLA Compact series and VP series loudspeakers. The team powered all speakers with Crown VRack amplifiers, and the Control Zone features a Soundcraft VI2000 professional audio mixer.

In the Display Zone, TechDataPS installed JBL CBT series column speakers and an array of AMX networked AV and control devices, including SVSI N2400 4K series encoders and decoders, Acendo Vibe soundbars, Massio control and keypads, and Modero G5 touch panels. The Install Zone features JBL’s line-up of permanent installation speaker solutions including AE series, AWC compact, AW series, Control 23-1, Control 25-1, Control 28-1L and CWT128 loudspeakers.

The Portable Zone showcases JBL’s plethora of portable self-powered speakers, including BRX300 series, EON One series, IRX100 series, EON208P, PRX800 series, SRX800 series and PD500 series loudspeakers.

In the Recording Zone, listeners can compare the reference-quality sound provided by JBL One series, 7 series and 3 series MKII reference monitors. Customers can also test out AKG’s lineup of microphones including DMS300 series, WMS470 Wireless, Lyra USB, C414 XLII, C214, D5, K872 and K275 microphones.

TechDataPS outfitted the Table Zone with AKG conference microphones including PCC160, PZM30D and DAM series models. It also included Soundcraft’s lineup of compact mixers, including Notepad series, Si series and Ui series consoles. TechDataPS used the Café Zone to showcase JBL Control 10 series, Control 40 series, Control 60 series, Control 300 series, VMA series, CSMA series, Control HST, CRV and CSS8018 loudspeakers.

To power all speakers in the showroom, TechDataPS equipped the Rack Zone with Crown CDi DriveCore series, ComTech DriveCore series, DCi Network series amplifiers and BSS Soundweb London series, Soundweb Contrio series. Additionally, AMX touch panels operate all the speakers across the showroom. TechDataPS staff reported that their customers are particularly impressed with the direct AV-over-IP experience provided by the AMX interfaces.

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