The post-pandemic office

How can you help businesses create engaging workspaces and lure workers back to the office in a post-pandemic world?

Covid-19 has changed everything about every aspect of our lives. National lockdowns and restrictions forced businesses to work remotely, with Teams and Zoom calls now integrated into our daily working lives (and social lives too).

Whilst many of us are still working remotely, or on rotas to adhere to social distancing measures, some form of return to the office is inevitable. We humans need face-to-face interaction, and it can often spark ideas and innovation.

One way to help lure people back to the office and bring together team members in different locations is by introducing immersive workspaces into existing meeting rooms. Think of it like moving your 2D laptop screen into a 3D space that is easy to use, engaging and collaborative.

Achieving info-presence with an immersive workspace

Inside an Igloo Vision immersive workspace, the walls become vast wraparound screens, enabling teams to engage with any type of digital content - like websites, web-based applications, dashboards, data visualisations, spreadsheets, video conferencing platforms, 3D design tools, and more.

The technology teams use in their day-to-day work is no longer trapped behind a little rectangular screen. It’s a spatial environment. None of the data or documents is more than a glance away. And everything is up there, on the walls, clear to see, for debate, discussion and decision making.

It takes teams one step beyond tele-presence to info-presence.

With tele-presence, people can feel as if they are present, or give the appearance of being present. With info-presence, all of the information a team needs to make its decisions and progress its projects is present and available and seeable.

What makes it particularly suited for the now and forever is that it’s ideal for having a few colleagues within the room while others video call in, represented with a life-sized montage of faces. Teams can meet in real space and remotely, and all work seamlessly on cloud-based tools and data together.

The engine that powers immersive workspaces

Igloo Vision works with AV consultants and systems integrators around the world to help them deliver immersive workspaces to end-users in all sorts of markets. As more-and more businesses realise the potential for immersive technology to transform their existing meeting rooms and office spaces, there are endless opportunities to support them.

Every Igloo immersive space is powered by the Igloo Immersive Media Player (also known as IMP). The IMP and Igloo software suite have been specifically designed to allow clients to take any of their existing digital tools, corporate data or content, and put it into that immersive space.

The IMP provides image generation, warping and blending, ingestion of content, vision mixing, and video processing - everything that traditionally would require several hardware and software components patched together. All the functionality an end client would ever need is contained in a single box.

Delivering immersive workspaces with Igloo Vision With the IMP, AV consultants and systems integrators can offer immersive workspaces to clients, whatever their use case might be.

Through a wide range of integrations with industry standard software, cloud-based applications, game engines, and many more, any client can benefit from transforming its spaces into an immersive workspace - from those in education, to architecture, to healthcare, to engineering, and so on.

Igloo Vision’s decade of experience is available for AV consultants and integrators to draw on in delivering these immersive workspaces to clients.

With offices in Shropshire and London in the UK, Los Angeles and New York in the US, Rotterdam in Europe and Melbourne in Australia, Igloo can offer in-person demonstrations of its technology, as well as offer virtual demos online to integrators looking to find out more.

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