United Cinemas delivers cinematic experiences with JBL Professional Audio Solutions

United Cinemas recently upgraded its flagship facility at Warriewood with advanced JBL Professional cinema audio solutions.

Located just north of Sydney, Australia, United Cinemas is a premier seven-screen multiplex cinema that offers a premium movie-watching.

In order to provide an immersive cinematic experience for movie-goers, United Cinemas required state-of-the-art audio systems and selected JBL Professional and Crown cinema audio solutions.

Roy Mustaca, Chairman, United Cinemas, said: “We wanted to enhance the listening experience of the 650-plus capacity Grand Cinema theatre. We selected JBL and Crown solutions for their simple-yet-effective configuration and routing capabilities. Crown’s built-in speaker presets played a significant role in ensuring proper frequency response, crossover points and limiter settings.”

The Grand Theatre's audio system is designed around JBL cinema loudspeakers. The installation team deployed JBL 5732 three-way speakers behind the in the main left, left-centre, centre, right-centre and right channels.

JBL 9310 and 9300 surround speakers, AM5215 front ceiling surround speakers and AM7215 loudspeakers were chosen for the wide left and right surround channels. Additionally, the team installed JBL 4642 A and ASB6125 subwoofers to delvier low frequencies in the stage and surround LFE channels. The entire system is powered and routed by Crown DriveCore Series networked amplifiers to create a listening environment for standard 7.1 channel and Dolby Atmos soundtracks.

Sam Mustaca, CEO, United Cinemas, said: “Our technical team worked closely with Harman application engineers to design a custom JBL audio solution that successfully delivers crystal-clear sound quality and balanced coverage. We are delighted with the remarkable job and would like to extend our gratitude to everyone involved in the project. Continuing our partnership with Harman, we plan to convert the Grand Theatre into a live performance venue in the near future, using BSS signal processors.”

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