Xtreme Media installs outdoor LED at Prestige Techcloud in Bangalore

Xtreme Media has installed one of the tallest outdoor LED displays for Prestige Group’s headquarters, Techcloud, in Bangalore. Having worked with Prestige Group for LED display solutions for the Prestige Shantiniketan Mall, Xtreme Media was honoured to work on this project as well.

Prestige Group needed to transform its space with a dual-sided display which had to be installed on a 40m high triangular pole. The property developer wanted an innovative solution that would be visible by all.

Xtreme Media designed an angular screen which was 10m x 5m in size. The Earth series was chosen because its common cathode technology results in 50% lesser electricity consumption. It is IP 65 rated for outdoor use and delivers high brightness even in ambient light.

Equipped with Vigilant IoT technology the display can be tracked in real time and allows for smart monitoring of any critical component failure.

Knowing that service may be required for this installation, Xtreme Media built the display on a stable civil structure in a way that the cabinets and the other components can be serviced.

This project was successfully commissioned in less than three days.

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