Yamaha showcases commercial installed sound products in Singapore

Yamaha showcased its range of commercial installed sound products to integrators and partners at an event held at its office in Singapore. Karl Christmas, senior product specialist for the pro audio technical marketing group at Yamaha, gave introduced the latest product offerings to attendees.

Christmas stated that while Yamaha is planning to pay more attention to the installed sound market it does not mean that the manufacturer is going to neglect its core digital mixer business.

Among the products released was the VXS M series of loudspeakers which were launched at ISE 2017 and were presented in Asia at the event. Of particular interest was the VXS1ML model, which is a small speakers with a 1.5-in driver. Meant for BGM applications, Yamaha is targeting the retail and hospitality sectors with this product.

Also on show was the MA/PA range of mixer/amplifier which provides multi-zone audio and can be used in applications for retail and restaurants. Christmas highlighted the simplicity of use for the MA/PA and the features the product boasts which include feedback suppressing and priority ducking.

Another product underlining Yamaha’s push towards the fixed installation market was the TF rack. The product is essential a Yamaha TF1 mixer that has been re-designed to suit rack units in the fixed installation market. A touch panel has been added in place of faders.

Lastly, Christmas also discussed the latest version of the Yamaha ProVisionaire control app. Together with the DCP range of products, Yamaha now offers a wider range of wired and wireless control.

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