Yashan International Resort Hotel selects Christie cinema solutions

Yashan International Resort Hotel has chosen Christie’s cinema solution for its VIP theatre. The resort hotel installed a Christie CP2308 digital cinema projector and a Christie Vive audio system. The system was designed by Christie’s trusted partner, Sentiment-Hifi, while Nanjing-based Dowin Audio conducted general contracting work.

The Christie Vive Audio components installed include the LA1 line array loudspeakers, LS3S line array surround loudspeakers, S115 and S218 subwoofers for bass management, as well as CDA2 and CDA5 Class D amplifiers.

Longbin Xiao, Project Manager, Yashan International Resort Hotel, said: “After comparing products from various brands, we have chosen Christie’s projection and audio solutions due to its impeccable track record of delivering excellent visuals and accurate, pristine sound quality to cinemas around the world. We are confident that our guests will be mesmerised by the rich, dynamic visuals and detailed sound that fills this theatre.”

Yingbin Tang, Chief Executive, Yashan International Resort Hotel, added: “The concept of having an in-house cinema theatre is unique for the hospitality industry and we are excited to have selected Christie’s complete cinema projection and audio solutions for our VIP Theater. With this facility, our guests can enjoy exceptional visuals and surround sound that’s previously available only in upscale movie theaters. I believe the introduction of a movie theater will enhance our status and image, and attract more guests to our hotel in the long run.”

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