Christie HS series illuminates bridges along Suzhou Creek in Shanghai, China

Christie HS series 1DLP laser projectors have been chosen to illuminate major bridges along the Suzhou Creek in Shanghai, China.

Christie’s partner, Shanghai Qingying Digital Technology, was appointed to design and install the multimedia solutions.

Over 30 Christie DWU15-HS laser projectors are used to illuminate Jiangning Road Bridge and Gonghe New Road Bridge. Eight projectors are discreetly installed beneath Jiangning Road Bridge to project images spanning 53 meters (174 feet) in length and 18 meters (59 feet) in width. Additionally, two dozen DWU15-HS projectors are positioned on both sides underneath Gonghe New Road Bridge, creating visuals measuring 63 meters (207 feet) long and 49 meters (161 feet) wide after nightfall.

Chao Fu, technical supervisor, Shanghai Qingying Digital technology, noted that it was challenging to navigate tight installation spaces under the bridges while striving for even brightness across extensive projection areas.

To mitigate these challenges, innovative approaches like cross-projection and projector stacking played a crucial role in maximising visual impact.

The glossy surface under Jiangning Road Bridge presented a further obstacle with its pronounced reflections. To counter this, the team applied frosted paint, adjusted lenses, and strategically stacked projectors at focal points to ensure uniform brightness. In addition, weatherproof enclosures were utilised to protect the projectors from waterfront humidity.

April Qin, senior sales director for China, Enterprise, Christie, concluded: “The successful completion of this illumination project with our proven HS Series laser projectors underscores their exceptional performance and reliability.”

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