Christie laser projection lights up the National Folk Museum of Korea

Christie laser projectors brought to life various deities from ancient Korean folktales at an ongoing exhibition taking place at the National Folk Museum of Korea, which highlights the daily life and culture of Korean people over the ages.

Titled “The Mysterious Village”, this immersive digital exhibition consists of six themed zones that are each dedicated to a specific deity that has lived among people from past till present. Technology such as projection mapping and augmented reality (AR) have been used for various displays to invoke a greater sense of realism and immerse visitors in the mythical world. The exhibition runs until October 11, 2022.

Renowned media production firm Design Silverfish was responsible for the content and projection design, as well as the installation of 17 Christie D20WU-HS 1DLP laser projectors across all exhibition zones.

Gyeongtae Hong, CEO, Design Silverfish, said: “This exhibition has been meticulously planned with the active participation of our UK branch as a new immersive and realistic content production that goes beyond conventional methods of expression used by existing national museums. In particular, the direction was conceived through data collection on various European exhibitions by our London-based designer Younsook Im.”

Hong added: “In order for these unique contents to be realistically displayed on multiple surfaces, we require a high-performance projection system that can deliver excellent colour and contrast, and yet provide us with the installation flexibility to set up multi-projector arrays quickly and reliably. The Christie D20WU-HS, with its high lumen output, enhanced colour accuracy, compact footprint and omnidirectional capabilities, easily emerged as our top choice.”

Visitors can enjoy amazingly detailed images displayed on numerous large screens and surfaces by the Christie D20WU-HS laser projectors fitted discreetly overhead in all exhibition zones, namely “Jangseung and Sotdae Protect Their Town”, “Sansin Gives Peace”, “Jeoseungsin Works Together with the Death”, “Gasin Protects Their Home”, “Yongsin Brings Rain”, and “Dokkaebi Returns with a Big Catch”.

In “Jangseung and Sotdae Protect Their Town”, the deities that dwell in Jangseung (village guardian posts) and Sotdae (sacred poles) to guard and protect villagers are given a new lease of life through vibrant displays achieved using two D20WU-HS projectors. Other crowd favorites include the “Yongsin Brings Rain”, and “Dokkaebi Returns with a Big Catch”, which are each lit by four D20WU-HS projectors. The former features floor and curved screen projections to provide a highly immersive viewing experience of a tale about two dragons. The latter showcases a mischievous goblin set against images of the sea and night sky on an ultra-wide screen that are so lifelike, visitors feel as if their feet could get drenched by the splashing sea waves.

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