Jay Productions drives Kia activation with Nexo at The Australian Open

Tasked with a brand activation for automotive manufacturer Kia, Jay Productions deployed a cluster of Nexo ID24 loudspeakers for playback ambience at the EV6 GT display, held during the 2023 Australian Open.

In collaboration with event management company Studio Messa, Jay Productions designed and constructed a bespoke space featuring two display vehicles, dynamic LED imagery and extensive signage.

Jay Productions’ general manager, Phillip Dearle, said: “This event was really interesting and one that turned out looking great. We had an evolving brief from Kia that included layers of concepts. We created a custom stand that was purpose-built for a vehicle to take centre stage and had eight ID24 loudspeakers playing ambience to set the mood. There was a central truss in the middle of the structure that allowed us to load one speaker on each side of the cross bracing. By putting them all on the central column we had full coverage of the entire space. We used the standard black cabinets and they looked terrific: super discreet and tucked away, so they didn’t distract from the display. We cycled through a playlist of ambient tracks and the ID24’s sounded perfect- you could have a conversation, but no matter where you were within the event space, you could still hear the music. Ultimately, it’s the combination of the sound, power and size that makes the ID24’s something we regularly go for with high-end events like this.”

Having first used Nexo’s ID24 in 2022, Jay Productions’ director, Jason Ghazal has since stocked up on the units. Ghazal detailed why the loudspeakers have become a valuable asset in his toolbelt: “I’m a big fan of the ID24, and so too are all the luxury brands we work with. They love the speakers because they are small and look fantastic at events- which is something that’s important to our clients. They want great sound, but they also want everything to look good. Not only do you get a speaker that is very punchy for its size, but its appearance is very discreet too. That’s the primary reason we use them for activations. Generally, we are using them for events similar to this Kia display every couple of months, and we have them in both black and white to suit different palettes.”

Dearle concluded: “The ID24 loudspeakers are true all-rounders! We can literally rig them on anything, and tuck or hide them away- people don’t even know they are there, the sound quality is perfect, and the coverage is great no matter where they are placed. They also offer a workflow advantage- they’re small units that are simple for one person to set up. They were perfect for the Kia event; they worked flawlessly.”

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