JBL delivers audio at Xu Restaurant Lounge and Cocktail Bar, Vietnam

Established in 2005, Xu Restaurant Lounge and Cocktail Bar is an iconic social gathering place located in the centre of Ho Chi Minh City. In addition to its menu of top cocktails and cuisine from Vietnam, Xu offers premium musical entertainment in the form of live bands and guest DJs. During the 2020 lockdowns, Xu took the downtime as an opportunity to upgrade their sound system with the help of Phuc Giang.

To provide immersive musical experiences for guests, musicians and DJs alike, Phuc Giang installed a system using JBL Eon powered speakers and subwoofers.

Staff reported that Xu Restaurant Lounge and Cocktail Bar needed a seamless and easy-to-use sound system that would deliver clear and balanced audio in all areas of the restaurant, and that they are very pleased with the JBL Professional system installed by Phuc Giang.

To deliver impactful stage audio, Phuc Giang installed JBL Eon 612 loudspeakers, which boasts a modern two-way multipurpose self-powered design. To compliment the low end, the team also installed JBL IRX 115S subwoofers on the stage, delivering powerful bass frequencies to viscerally support the musical entertainment. To ensure professional sounding mixes, Phuc Giang included a Soundcraft Ui24R wireless tablet-based mixing console.

Staff reported that the stage’s new JBL-powered sound system produces impeccable sound quality that is clear, energetic and vibrant. They added that the new sound system brings out strong performances from DJs and musicians alike, delivering a new level of customer experience unlike any other.

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