NEC Corporation India enters into an alliance with UFO Moviez to deploy laser projectors across India

NEC Corporation India (NEC India), a wholly owned subsidiary of NEC Corporation, Japan, announced that it has entered into a strategic alliance with UFO Moviez, India's largest digital cinema network and in-cinema advertising platform to deploy laser projectors.

Through this strategic deal, NEC has introduced its projector solution offerings for the Indian entertainment sector to enhance the cinematic experience for movie-goers.

NEC's product offerings are DCI-compliant for 2K and 4K image with brightness ranging from 5K to 35K lumens.

Krishna Tripathi, general manager, display business & enterprise key account management, NEC Corporation India, said: "We are thrilled to announce this alliance and are grateful to UFO Moviez for bestowing trust in NEC. I am sure that through our customisable cutting-edge laser projection solutions powered by advanced technological improvements, UFO Moviez will be able to deliver a blockbuster experience satisfying the highest expectations of today's digital first cinema-goers."

He further added: "This is the perfect timing for us to enter India's digital cinema business, which is relatively buoyant owing to accelerating digitalisation and increasing consumer preference towards high-end theatrical experience. We look forward to emerging as a key player in the Indian display market.”

Commenting on this partnership Rajesh Mishra, executive director and group CEO, UFO Moviez said: "NEC is a leading name in the digital cinema projection market worldwide and their innovative portfolio will play a crucial role in creating a breath-taking experience for cinema goers. At UFO, we operate India's largest D-Cinema network, and this alliance will ultimately enable us to add value to all our stakeholders in the movie value chain."

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