TiMax SoundHub deployed at Indian fashion exhibition

Munro Acoustics was tasked to set up immersive soundscapes in different zones at the inaugural exhibition of the Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre in Mumbai, “India in Fashion: The Impact of Indian Dress and Textiles on the Fashionable Imagination”.

TiMax SoundHub was deployed as an audio solution at the event, with the help of Alphatec as a distributor.

Kapil Thirwani, director of Munro Acoustics, also partnered with Out Board. Out Board director, Dave Haydon, explained: “Alphatec showed Kapil various ways TiMax could handle this project, which involved playing spatial music and effects across 15 different zones, starting and stopping it all automatically without anybody having to touch it.”

The final installed solution saw two 64 i/o TiMax SoundHub-S64s each handle one half of the exhibition, playing out a mix of stereo and multi-stem spatial music as well as soundscape tracks to 128 Genelec 4430 IP speakers across 15 zones.

The soundscapes for the individual exhibition zones were originated by Goa-based musicians Sandunes. Various show content stems were sent to the UK for Out Board to program the show files.

Haydon concluded: “The integration and design were amazing, and all the equipment was up and running to provide totally automated, hands-free, fully integrated show-in-a-box operation.”

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