Two new series of The Wall launched in Southeast Asia & Oceania at the Samsung Display Tech Summit 2022 in Bangkok

The Samsung Display Summit 2022 was held on 13 and 14 September in Bangkok, Thailand, with close to 230 enterprise customers, partners and media in attendance.

With the theme of ‘Visualizing the Hybrid World’, Samsung shared its vision for the role that display technology plays in a new world of productivity and collaboration.

In a hybrid world, it is important for organizations to make engagements more inclusive. Therefore, there is impetus for both internal and external customer experiences to be redefined as organizations increasingly embrace both virtual and in-person engagements.

Samsung urged organizations to seize the window of opportunity to refresh customer engagements as work, study and play normalizes in a hybrid world. To do so, organizations must reimagine the role of displays be it in lobbies, multi-functional spaces, offices, classrooms and even homes.

“We are in the midst of a hyper-scale shift towards hybrid interactions, where everyone is expected to be seamlessly connected – be it at office desks, meeting rooms, classrooms, cafes or in the home office,” said Alex Hong, Head of Asia Sales & Marketing Group, Display Solutions, Samsung Electronics. “Organizations today have an opportunity to reimagine the future of productivity and collaboration that combines physical, digital and virtual worlds. I am excited about the role of display technologies in helping organizations to reconnect with its stakeholders in an ever-developing hybrid world.”

During the Summit, Samsung launched two new offerings of its cutting-edge Micro LED displays in Southeast Asia & Oceania region. The Wall All-in-One, also called the IAB Series, can be installed in just 2 hours and has a display thinness of just 49mm. It is available in three models: 4K 146-inch, 2K 146-inch and 2K 110-inch.

Also unveiled at the Summit is The Wall IWB Series, which features Samsung’s slimmest pixel pitch yet in The Wall lineup at 0.63 pixel pitches, delivering Samsung’s most detailed picture and dynamic range expansion with the screen’s 120Hz frame rate, HDR10/10+ and LED HDR. The Wall IWB Series comes in a variety of screen sizes, accommodating 4K movies for 110-inch and up to incredible 8K quality for 220-inch.

At the Summit, Samsung also showcased Flip Pro interactive whiteboard display; ViewFinity S8 high-resolution monitor targeted at creative professionals; Odyssey Ark, the Samsung’s first 55-inch 1000R curved gaming monitor, and Smart Monitor M8, a versatile smart monitor that fits the work from home era, both for work and for entertainment.

Participants at the Summit also had the opportunity to visit Samsung’s Regional Display Showroom in Bangkok, and experienced first-hand how Thailand’s largest property development project, The Forestias by MQDC, makes use of The Wall to create a 360-degree theater the size of a large apartment at over 140m², offering audiences a one-of-a-kind visual treat both immersive and larger than life at its showroom.

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