Alcons introduces CRMS-LFE18 subwoofer

Alcons has introduced the CRMS-LFE18 large-format reference subwoofer system, it is designed for applications including post-production facilities and mastering suites, high-end mix/screening rooms, and recording studios.

The direct-radiating 18-in transducer mounted in the internally-stiffened, sealed cabinet enables an in-room response below 10 Hz. The 4 ohms impedance caters for maximum amplifier efficiency.

For full system performance, the CRMS-LFE18 is to be driven and controlled by the ALC amplified loudspeaker controller.

The integrated factory presets in the drive processor of the ALC offer optimisation settings, as well as VHIR processing for phase-matching with an Alcons pro-ribbon system.

The Signal Integrity Sensing pre-wiring automatically ensures complete cable/connector compensation between the CRMS-LFE18 and ALC, significantly increasing response accuracy and reducing both linear and non-linear distortion to an absolute minimum, regardless of cable length and system impedance.

The CRMS-LFE18 is also available in a slim enclosure (CRMS-LFE18sl), for maximising space-efficiency with the Alcons slim-sized main systems.

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