Audio Technica highlights home working audio products

Audio Technica has highlighted its audio systems for working from home, providing audio users with products to continue working from home during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Audio Technica focused on its M-Series studio monitor headphone range, highlighting the ATH-M50X and the ATH-M70x model, with the ATH-R70x professional open back-reference headphones also being demonstrated. 

The Multi-pattern condenser microphones include the AT-4050 and the AT4047MP designed for a range of production applications, with the AT2005USB cardioid dynamic USB/XLR microphones designed for live guest lecturing live to audio students or for virtual meetings and conferences, able to be plugged directly into a USB port or into an outboard interface or mic pre via XLR. 


The AT2020USB+ condenser USB microphone is available, designed for meetings, podcasting and music recording. The AT2020USB+ is a condenser USB microphone that can also be used for podcasting and music recording, with headphone jacks, level control, desktop stands and cabling. 

For wired headset microphones designed for podcasting and conferencing applications, the ATH-G1 and ATH-G1WL including a detachable boom mic, inline volume control and mute switch, with the ATH-G1WL including a 15-hour battery life. 
The ATH-M50x over-ear headphones can be used as a headset with the ATGM2 detachable boom microphone. 


The BPHS1 broadcast stereo headset is also available, featuring closed-back ear cups and a dynamic microphone mounted on a flexible boom. The BPHS1 includes a user-replaceable detachable 3.4m cable terminating in two output connectors, one each for the microphone and headphone. 

The included microphone output is a three-pin XLRM-type connector, with the headphone output being a three-conductor ¼-in connector. 

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