BlackTrax releases version 2.0

BlackTrax has boosted its realtime motion tracking system with new features and updated GUI with the release of version 2.0.

Fixture calibration mode improvements are designed to deliver faster calibration. Multi-person calibration enables several people with several different beacons to calibrate their own selection of lights. Color and gobo on the fixtures will automatically be cleared and BlackTrax will have control over zoom/iris.

Developments have also been made to the fixture programming. BlackTrax now has unified multi-fixture settings and the ability to view, select and apply settings to several fixtures from across multiple chapters. It also has new icon and table views for fixtures and trackables to display fixture setting information quicker than before.

BlackTrax version 2 also offers Rigid and Soft Frames. Frames combine a collection of tracking points from multiple beacons that make up an object. Rigid Frames allow the orientation of an object to be calculated and tracked. A soft Frame allows a flexible centroid to re-calculate position based on the visible Stringers at the same time.

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