Clear-Com launches FreeSpeak Edge digital wireless intercom system

Clear-Com has unveiled its FreeSpeak Edge digital wireless intercom system, incorporating a 5GHz chipset that includes a radio stack development.

The FreeSpeak Edge also utilises AES67 connections between the transceiver and the host intercom frame for flexibility in deployment.

The FreeSpeak Edge uses Clear-Com’s RF technology, using OFDM to provide a transport layer with 12kHz audio quality and bandwidth to support over 100 beltpacks and 64 transceivers.

The intercom system is compatible with FreeSpeak II 1.9 GHz and 2.4GHz systems, providing three bandwidths across a single UC system.

The FreeSpeak Edge features concave/convex top buttons, eight programmable buttons, rotary controls on both sides and a master volume control with a flashlight on the bottom.

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