Invest in these 4 genius products by Poly for a great meeting experience!

A selection of Poly products that can enhance your meeting experience no matter where you are working from.

1. Poly Studio P5 Webcam

During this new era of Working-From-Anywhere, a “good enough” webcam is not acceptable. If your work involves not just live video calling, but also creating sharp quality video content, then the Poly Studio P5 Webcam was made just for you! With its auto focus, it gives you a camera that stays sharp throughout and with its low-light compensation, you never have to worry about looking too dull in your video.

The team at Poly understands the importance of security and privacy, which is why the Poly Studio P5 Webcam comes with an Integrated Privacy Shutter that allows you to turn the webcam off simply by sliding the shutter on the top. This webcam is the perfect blend of ease and efficiency; it comes with an adjustable mounting clip to capture your best angles, a detachable camera head for you to showcase the world around you and a USB port in the back to connect with your Poly Headset!

2. Poly Studio P15 Video Bar

Going a step further, the Poly Studio P15 Video Bar is an all-in-one bar with a 4K camera, a mic and a speaker in a single form factor. The gadget, like the Poly Studio P5, comes with an Integrated Privacy Shutter and the feature of Low-Light Compensation.

The cherry to the cake with this webcam is its Auto-Framing Camera and NoiseBlockAI & Acoustic Fence. These features allow you to move with confidence, always staying in view and without the fear of unnecessary background noise peeping through your live video calls or while you record high quality videos. Despite having several features in this gadget, the set-up is easy with a single USB cable that allows you to use this Video Bar with any video application.

3. Voyager Focus 2 Bluetooth

We have all dreamt about the possibility of being able to work or watch/play online anywhere without any disturbance, be it at home, at a café or even on the road. Well, with the Voyager Focus 2 Bluetooth Headset, Poly has made this mere possibility into a reality. You no longer need to worry about the background noise disturbing your live video calls. With Poly’s best noise reduction yet, you can have guaranteed crystal-clear conversations! The stereo sound is also super cool for calls, media and music.

If you are one who has your headphones on throughout the day, Voyager Focus 2 is the perfect fit for you; with its ultra-comfortable headband and upto 19 hours of talk time.


4. Poly Sync 20+ Speakerphone

If clear and loud audio is what you are looking for during your office calls or just to listen to music in your leisure time, Poly has got you covered with its Sync 20+ Speakerphone. It’s time you listen to sounds like they are meant to be heard.

Poly technology is all about ease to use packaged with the best features, which is exactly what you get here. This speakerphone will reduce the echo so everyone hears you clearly, cancelling out any unwanted noise. It is slim and portable which makes it easy to carry with you anywhere. With the Poly Sync 20+, you will never need to worry about its charging; it has up to 20 hours of battery life!



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