L-Acoustics announces L-ISA Controller V2.0 software and tracking system partners

L-Acoustics has released a software update for its L-ISA Immersive Hyperreal Sound technology that allows users to monitor the positioning of tracked objects in a 3D view in addition to announcing four tracking software providers as tracking system partners.

L-ISA Controller V2.0 allows source parameters such as pan, width, distance and elevation can be mapped and scaled to certified tracking systems. 

The new tracking software providers that function within the L-ISA ecosystem include Cast Software’s BlackTrax Tracking, Modulo Pi’s Modulo Kinetic, TTA’s Stagetracker II and Robert Juliat’s SpotMe systems.

 BlackTrax allows improved integration within the L-ISA Controller V2.0’s infrastructure, with new features including the ability to feature real-time tracking protocol positioning data output format (RTTrPM) converted to open sound control (OSC) protocol in the L-ISA OSC Bridge. 
Additional parametric options within the L-ISA trackers settings page are also available. 

Modulo Kinetic includes integration of L-ISA, with real-time interactions between video and spatial audio, with the spatial audio system included in Modulo Kinetic’s library of preloaded devices allowing bidirectional interactions between Modulo Kinetic and L-ISA. 

Stagetracker II, a radio frequency-based 3D tracking system for audio, video and lighting features a L-ISA setup page is offered within its software user interface, able to be used in both indoor or outdoor environments. 

Spot Me, a manual, user-friendly 3D tracking device relying on a followspot operator allows for the integration of PosiStageNet (PSN) positioning data output format and can be converted to OSC in the L-ISA OSC Bridge. 

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