Meyer Sound launches new power supply

Meyer Sound released its MPS-482HP two channel power supply

Featuring remote DC powering of self-powered loudspeaker systems, the MPS-482HP can be used in place of existing MPS-488HP units when less than eight loudspeakers are needed in a system.

It can also be used to supplement the MPS-488HP for larger system when the total count falls between multiples of eight.

The MPS-482HP also includes passive cooling and can be placed in a drop ceiling, in a cable trough or attached to a wall in a cabinet. It can also be mounted on a wall or ceiling using an optional MUB-MPS-482HP U-bracket.

The MPS-488HP sends a balanced audio signal as well as 48V DC power to any one of 12 full range loudspeakers and two subwoofers incorporating IntelligentDC technology for remote external powering.

Connections to loudspeakers can be made with 5-conductor class 2 cabling without a conduit in a number of areas.

The MPS-482HP can also power up to six Ashby-5C or four Ashby-8C ceiling loudspeakers.

Two channels of balanced audio are received from two XLR three pin female input connectors or one six pin Phoenix connector on the rear panel.

A selector switch enables routing of the channel one input to both outputs, with the balanced audio and 48V DC outputs accessible via a single five pin Phoenix connector per channel.

Line power is supplied through a powerCon 20 connector with automatic voltage selection from 100 V to 240 V AC.

The front panel of the MPS-482HP houses a power switch, short-circuit protection fuse holders, a load current present LED indicator and a ‘loudspeaker-connected’ indication LED that brightens as the level increases.

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