Samsung’s The Wall IWB delivers new possibilities in hybrid world

The Wall IWB, now available in this region, can deliver immersive display experiences with impressive resolution, color and contrast, as brands seek to reengage their customers in a hybrid world.

Showcased at the Samsung Display Tech Summit 2022 on September 13-14 in Bangkok, the cutting-edge modular Micro LED display is set to re-energize premium customer experiences especially for luxurious retail stores, hotel and office lobbies, boardrooms and customer showrooms.

The Wall IWB Series is available in 0.63 and 0.94 pixel pitches. At 0.63 pixel pitch, this model is the slimmest ever pixel pitch in The Wall lineup, delivering Samsung’s most detailed picture and dynamic range expansion with the screen’s 120Hz frame rate, HDR10/10+ and LED HDR.

Packed with first-in-class technology, The Wall IWB can be installed in a variety of positions and screen sizes, accommodating 4K movies for 110-inch and up to 8K for 220-inch.

The Wall IWB comes with Samsung’s latest innovation in Micro LED technologies, which ultimately delivers a next-generation leap in display performance. Firstly, The Wall IWB has features Samsung’s Black Seal Technology, which offers a deep black background that blankets the screen uniformly. This creates a seamless canvas for pure blacks and enhanced depth for improved contrast and detail.

Another critical image quality enhancer is Samsung’s Ultra Chroma Technology. Using narrower wavelengths, the display can produce RGB colors purer and more accurate than Samsung’s conventional LEDs. What this translates into is more vibrancy and dynamism in the colors when scenes are recreated from real life.

Lastly, The Wall IWB features Samsung’s Neural Quantum Processor 4K, which helps deliver superior visuals by enhancing contrast and removing noise. This way, the content displayed is analyzed and optimised for much-improved picture quality.

Users can look forward to Multi View in this new model, allowing simultaneous multi-source playback from up to four sources on the single screen. This feature requires no additional splitter and provides greater flexibility.

“The hybrid world represents the new realities companies and consumers face, as they navigate collaboration, productivity, and interaction, in a more distributed yet connected world,” said Leslie Goh, Head of Regional Display Solutions, Southeast Asia & Oceania, Samsung Electronics.

“Today, with virtual and physical interactions merged and fused, it is time for companies to reconsider how to make interactions inclusive, rewarding and effective for all participants, whether in-person or remotely,” he added.

One example of such efforts is The Forestias by MQDC – Thailand’s biggest property development project. Through a partnership with Samsung, it is using The Wall display technology at its Forest Pavilion to showcase the most immersive and cinematic experiences.

Using modular MicroLED technology, it provides a 360-degree theatre that lets the audience enjoy a one-of-a-kind visual experience.

With a total surface area of 140.43 m² (1,511.18 ft²), the video screen is composed of 384 cabinets. These are arranged in a line to produce one single 360-degree continuous image consisting of four sides, with a resolution of 46,080 x 4,320 pixels (or approximately 200 million pixels).

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