When you need to pack a lot of channels on a hallway

The SpeechLine Digital Wireless series is a perfect solution for almost any wireless speech communication needs, but especially when you need to stack many channels on a hallway. Whether it be Higher Ed, Hospitality, Convention Center Breakout rooms, SpeechLine Digital Wireless can come to the rescue.

SpeechLine DW (SLDW) utilizes the DECT range (1.9GHz). Here are just a few of the benefits of exploiting DECT.

• Bi-directional communication between the transmitter and receiver.
• No frequency coordination is needed.
• The 1.9 GHz frequencies do not easily travel through walls.
• You can limit the power of the transmitter.
• Easily push out firmware to units when needed.
• Flexible and numerous remote-control options for system transmitters.

SpeechLine Digital Wireless has a half-rack receiver option. Recently, however, we introduced the MultiChannel Receiver (MCR). This is a WAP style receiver in 2 or 4 channel variants.

The device can be operated with a single network cable, thanks to PoE and Dante. Complex analog audio cabling is a thing of the past. There is also a secondary Dante port for redundant Dante streams and split mode where the first port is used for PoE and control; the second port is for the Dante stream.

The Multi-Channel Receiver also offers a convenient solution for existing installations. Thanks to an integrated auto mixer and the analog mix output, all audio channels can be used simply as a sum signal. The audio mix is also available digitally via Dante, which allows an extension of the existing setup without exchanging the DSP.

Due to the bidirectional communication between receiver and transmitter, all mobile transmitters’ settings can easily be made in the Sennheiser Control Cockpit. If you don’t want to use the amazing Control Cockpit, the MCR’s network integration makes it possible to remotely control and monitor the receiver via a media control system (e.g., AMX, Crestron, Q-SYS Control). Also, due to the integrated antennas in the MCR, a complex antenna installation is no longer necessary.

SpeechLine Digital Wireless Features
• Automatic Gain Control
• Automatic Frequency management
• AES 256 encryption
• 2-port Dante
• PoE
• Analog Mix Output
• One status LED per Link
• Remote control via Control Cockpit or media control
• Wall, ceiling or mic stand mounting
• Integrated Automixer
• DDM Ready

More Information
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