Yamaha showcases new products at ISE 2019

Yamaha launched a variety of new products and updates to its product ranges

The Yamaha VXC2F ceiling loudspeaker features a 2.5-in driver and a depth of 76mm, a weight of 1.9kg and a diameter of 225mm.

The VXC2F features a conical coverage angle of 160 degrees sensitivity of 86Db spL, a frequency response (-10Db) OF 67Hz – 20kHz and a power rating (PGM) of 30W.

Featuring switchable LO-Z (eight Ohms) inputs, the VXC2F, a magnet catch grille, carrying handle and black or white (paintable) colour options.

The VXC2F can be mounted with a PK-C4 pendant mount kit available in black or white.

The VXC8S ceiling subwoofer has a frequency response of 44Hz – 280Hz, sensitivity of 88dp SPL and power (Lo-Z: PGM 200W, Hi-Z: 3.8W to 60W in 4/5 steps).

The subwoofer has a width of 325mm and a depth of 315mm, featuring an anti-drop tab, carrying band, magnet catch grille and black or white colour options.

Yamaha launched its SWP2 series of L2 network switches, including twin 10G uplink ports, specialized for Dante networks running at 96kHz.

The uplink ports are fitted with opticalcon connectors, available in both multi (SWP2-10MMF) and single (SWP2-10SMF) mode models, with two optical fibre cables that can be connected with link aggregation activated to provide trunk line redundancy via spanning tree (MSTP) protocol.

The SWP2 series features an ‘optimise for Dante’ switch, with the SWP2 allowing for relevant settings for Dante network operation (QoS, EEE and IGMP Snooping) to be optimized via a DIP switch.

The SWP2 series also includes three built-in VLAN presets that can be selected via DIP switch. A user mode enables VLAN setup is also provided.

Indicators on the SWP2 switches show which connectors are assigned to which VLAN subdivisions, with Yamaha’s LAN Monitor application for Windows providing visual monitoring of network load, switch status and Dante device information via a single central display.

‘Snapshots’ of normal operating status can be taken, triggering an alert if any variation from normal operation is detected.

Ethercon and Opticalcon network connectors are featured, along with a V-lock compatible AC power connector and an XLR-4-32 type external DC input connector for an optional PA700** power supply unit.

All models of the SWP2 series are rack mountable.

Yamaha’s Rivage PM series digital mixing systems are receiving a firmware update, adding DaNSe dynamic noise suppressor plug-in and mix to input routing.

DaNSe is an algorithm which learns noise characteristics of a source and removes noise without altering the sound of the intended voice or instrument.

Rivage PM V3.0 includes port names, where I/O devices, ports and module cards can be given a name, visible on the console surface following the input patching.

This includes Dante device names as well as all I/O ports in the Twinlane fibre ring.

An attenuator has been added to the EQ section, allowing for the level to be adjusted and saved in an ‘actor library’.

Other improvements and shortcuts are being added, including ‘banks’ for global paste shortcuts, metre bridge view for custom fader layers and DCA assign presets available in theatre mode.

Insert effect editing is also included in the updated Rivage PM StageMix iPad app.

Yamaha also unveiled the latest features of its ProVisionaire control apps., being integrated with IDK video switchers.

ProVisionaire Touch for iPad and ProVisionaire Control for Windows PC will be able to control IDK’s MSD series video switchers via a GUI-based control environment.

IDK video switcher control will be integrated into the next version of ProVisionaire Touch and ProVisionaire Control.

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