SPONSORED 20.08.19

Audio-Technica ATUC-IRCU takes discussions to the next level


The ATUC-IRCU hybrid control unit supports up to 300 discussion units (200 wireless and 100 wired). In conjunction with the ATUC-50CU control unit, it can effortlessly accommodate large meetings with up to 500 discussion units (200 wireless and 300 wired). Dual microphone buttons allow two participants to share one discussion unit – expanding total meeting capacity to even more delegates.

Unparalleled Audio-Technica microphone design and processing technologies ensure every delegate is heard with crystal clarity, with in-built feedback suppression for clearer conferences. Enhanced IR transmission is secure and tap-proof, ensuring the spoken work does not leave the room – ideal for courtrooms and environments where confidentiality is paramount.

Wireless infrared transmission technology allows discussion units to be placed in historic buildings and locations where conventional wired units aren’t permissible for legal or aesthetic reasons. Great for ad hoc meetings, each portable discussion unit can be moved freely whenever needed for exceptional flexibility. Hot-swappable rechargeable batteries give power for up to 13 hours uninterrupted operation. The compact IR transceiver blends discreetly with walls or ceilings: add extra transceivers to boost range in larger meeting rooms.

Audio-Technica first started creating microphones in 1978 for use in professional environments such as studios, stadiums or stages. Since then, they have been used in some of the world’s most renowned studios and on stage with some of the biggest artists. This experience has enabled us to develop an array of crystal-clear microphones that can be used within a conferencing system that offers secure communication for up to 500 delegates.”