Extron NAV systems now compatible with third-party control systems

Extron has announced that its NAV pro AV over IP platform can now be controlled by third-party control systems.

This can be done by obtaining a free NAVigator LinkLicense for third-party control that enables a Secure Shell (SSH) interface, permitting SIS commands from third-party control systems to make and break NAV streaming connections.

NAVigator system manager is required to act as a secure communication bridge for end-to-end encrypted control of all NAV endpoints. The third-party control interface facilitates secure switching of NAV encoders and scaling decoders via the NAVigator System Manager. Extron Pro Series control systems must be used for applications that require control of Secure Platform Devices on NAV endpoints.

Casey Hall, chief marketing officer at Extron, said: “With our latest LinkLicense, our customers can integrate the award-winning NAV System with their existing control systems.This empowers our customers to leverage legacy control products while taking advantage of the powerful and innovative NAV platform."

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